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The Right Learning for Everyone in your Organization

We know you will more quickly realize value in your SuccessFactors implementation when your employees know their role, know WHAT to do, and more importantly, WHY and HOW to do it. Success Academy provides learning engagements that ensure three key audiences understand and are able to execute their role in your successful implementation

  • SuccessFactors Project Team
  • SuccessFactors System Administrators
  • End Users (your employees and managers)

Preparing Your Project Team: Project Team Orientation (PTO)

Your implementation journey begins with an orientation to help prepare your team for configuration discussions with your implementation consultant. We conduct PTO in conjunction with the project kick off. We design PTO for your organization’s major stakeholders who are responsible for implementing the SuccessFactors system. Project teams typically consist of several roles from your organization, including:

  • Project Managers
  • IT professionals
  • HR Business Analysts
  • Executive Sponsors

Project Team Orientation sessions are led by Success Academy’s instructors, who facilitate knowledge transfer on SuccessFactors’ core, out-of-the box functionality. Participants in these sessions will be fully prepared to make the best decisions for a successful SuccessFactors implementation.

Setting Your Systems for Success: What your SuccessFactors System Administrators Need to Know

World-class SuccessFactors implementations rely heavily on key system administrators. Strong system administrators are experts with SuccessFactors features and functionality, and understand how using the system supports the business objectives of the entire organization.

Who are they?

System administrators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experience. Some have HR experience; some have administration experience from other software systems; some have both; some have neither. Whatever the case in your organization, Success Academy has the right learning options to bring your system administrators up to speed quickly and easily, with minimal disruption to their daily activities.

What training do they need and when?

System administrators follow a training path focused on system concepts, features, and terminology. As configuration progresses and system go-live approaches, administrators should enroll in our public administration sessions to ensure their readiness for your system rollout.

Success Academy, as part of training delivery, provides standard materials for administrator training, including:

  • Training presentation slides
  • Administrator training guides

Best Practice:
Project teams should identify lead system administrators early, and include them as part of the implementation.

Additional SuccessFactors System

Administrators Training

In addition to training described above, Success Academy also offers:

  • Private System Administrator training: Success Academy can lead private virtual or onsite system administrator classes with tailored delivery to your configuration and implementation needs.
  • Custom SuccessFactors System Training documentation: Success Academy can work with your team to create custom training materials to support your customized training delivery.

Yearlong “Ticket” to Unlimited Public Administrator Training as Part of Talent Insights Platform Product

The SuccessFactors Talent Insights Platform product now includes a yearlong “ticket” to unlimited Success Academy public administrator training. These courses are offered on a monthly basis and currently include courses on Talent Insights Administration.

A special code is needed before you register for the training sessions. When you are ready for your first class, contact training@successfactors.com and we will get you started.

Note: Workforce Analytics/Workforce Planning and Learning Management Solution “Working Smarter” training series are not included in the platform offering and will require a separate purchase.

Spreading the Word: What End Users Need to Know

Buy-in. Adopt. Embrace. Until your end users begin to use your SuccessFactors system on a day-to-day basis, your investment in improved business performance is at risk. Ensuring each end user knows what to do, how to do it, and what is in it for them are key pillars of business execution. Success Academy offers you several strong options to create your own adoption program that will start your end users down the road of acceptance, proficiency, and success using your SuccessFactors system.

End Users

A strong end user adoption program has several components:

  • Communicating early and often the changes created by the implementation and impacts to end users.
  • Creating an end user training and adoption plan that takes into account the ongoing production needs of the business and enables them to prepare for the training rollout.
  • Selecting and/or developing appropriate training materials based on adult learning principles and address the various learning styles of your end users.
  • Delivering effective end user training via a delivery method that works best for your culture and the environment in which your workforce will be trained.
  • Providing on-the-job reinforcement of the training via step-by-step job aids covering the most critical system tasks end users are expected to perform.
  • Establishing usage metrics and periodically reviewing them.

Option One: Roll out a Standardized “Best Practices” Adoption Program

Success Academy provides standard training materials and job aids* for managing your own end user SuccessFactors adoption program. These materials contain content on the most used features and functionality of a particular SuccessFactors product in a generic configuration. The materials are provided from the SuccessFactors community site and include:

  • Training presentation slides
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRG) – For Employees
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRG) – For Managers

If you do not have the time to train your staff to deliver these standard SuccessFactors training materials, our training partners (Aasonn - aasonn.com/training) offer a growing schedule of “FastTrack” training courses for end users that cover many of the SuccessFactors products. You can elect to have your end users purchase these virtual classroom courses as they need it or arrange for dedicated sessions targeted for specific work groups.

* WFA/WFP & Employee Central standard Admin Training materials are not available at this time

Materials Translation
Our base materials are available in English and may be translated into other languages. (Additional fees will apply)

Option Two: Tailor an Adoption Program

If you prefer to have your end users see how your own SuccessFactors system has been configured during training, our training partners Aasonn also offer a low cost “Tailored FastTrack” training option. A dedicated, SuccessFactors certified trainer will be assigned to your program and will work with you to understand your specific setups and workflows. They then use our standard FastTrack presentations with your SuccessFactors instance to demonstrate key learning points during training. Trainers are also available after training to answer any additional questions.

Option Three: Create a Custom End User Training Program

Success Academy Quick Reference Guide
Quick Reference Guide

Success Academy PowerPoint Training Deck
PowerPoint Training Deck

Success Academy eLearning Tutorial
eLearning Tutorial

Do you have an international audience? Are you rolling out a series of SuccessFactors modules over a period of time? Are there specific change management messages you need to convey? You can elect to engage us to build a formal program for you or participate in an advisory conversation with an expert from Success Academy.

Deliver Custom End User Training

When resources and/or expertise to deliver live training are tight, you can engage Success Academy to help. Training delivery is available in several formats to meet your specific needs:

  • Instructor-Led Training via virtual classroom/webinar: also available to be recorded;
  • Instructor Led Training onsite: at a client-determined location; includes up to two sessions per day.
  • Train the Trainer program: ensure your instructors are ready to educate your end users. This program can be delivered virtual or onsite, and includes hands-on exercises for learning application.

Develop Custom End User Training Materials

As part of your SuccessFactors subscription, you have access to the Customer Community where your end users access standard generic Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and training presentation slides. In addition, Success Academy can create various end user materials that are specific to your branding, configuration, and processes, including:

  • Quick Reference Guides: Perfect as end-user “take-aways,” these 1-4 page, highly visual job aids provide guidance on the features and functionality of specific SuccessFactors modules and/or processes.
  • Training presentation decks: Great for when you want your own team to lead training sessions, these decks help convey the how-to’s and why’s of the SuccessFactors system, including training tips and suggested exercises.
  • eLearning Tutorial: For when you want to provide instructional on-demand training, these 10-15 minute simulations provide users with quick audio and visual instructions that are specific to your configurations and processes. Delivered per product.

We can help: Putting it all together

SuccessFactors realizes that each organization has unique goals, challenges, and culture which work together to make their people successful. This outline provides a broad scope of Success Academy offerings. Feel free to have a conversation with us on what would work best for you. We can help.

Contact us at: training@successfactors.com.

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