The ROI of software as a service in HCM solutions

Increase efficiency and compliance, improve processes, and transform your organization.

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In 2015, human capital management (HCM) technology will achieve a significant milestone. After years of steady growth from Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, HCM's move into the cloud will reach a tipping point. Adoption of SaaS HCM systems will reach 58 percent, according to Sierra-Cedar's 2014—2015 HR Systems Survey. For the first time, more HCM systems will be in the cloud than on premise.

If you're considering the adoption of SaaS HCM solutions, you probably want to make a dent in the largest line-item expense for most organizations — your employees.
Learn about the ROI in three major areas:

  • efficiency and compliance
  • process improvement
  • organizational transformation

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