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Research insights: Future proofing HR survey series

By Greg Selke

In the always fast paced and evolving world of HR, which I have been lucky to practice in my entire career, it is a challenge to know where to focus at any given time. As we near year end and build our HR strategies for 2018 and beyond, what should be the main focus areas? We at SAP SuccessFactors think about this question every day on behalf of our customers so we can build better software. Over the last 18 months, we have ramped up our efforts to understand what HR departments are thinking about and focusing on and recently completed a series of microsurveys and focus groups on 10 of the hottest topics in the HR space based on survey feedback.

It became much clearer after reviewing the research, where HR is headed in 2018. We found it fascinating and want to share a few of the insightful statements from the findings:

  1. With business buy in, Health and Well Being is ready for “take-off”
  2. Mentoring will only be successful if it is aligned to an organization’s culture and is integrated with other HR systems
  3. Diversity will be a “make or break” factor like never before for sustainable success as demographics and the world change
  4. Alumni, and lots of them with boomers retiring, are the underutilized advantage every organization has and doesn’t use
  5. More employees are getting more comfortable doing more HR transactions online versus talking with HR
  6. Blurred scorecards have replaced balanced scorecards due to analytics
  7. Healthcare HR technology is about to go “cloud crazy”
  8. Data is in your organization to prove that comp is not the answer to everything and employees do in fact retire on the job
  9. Performance management today should not look like last year and won’t look the same next year
  10. Successful management of HR technology starts with a rigorous process, is guided with governance and is owned by the CHRO

If you would like more information on any of these topics, please review the infographics booklet and supporting power point deck. To discuss the findings and possible next steps for your organization, please reach to Greg Selke at

    About the author

    Greg Selke

    VP of HR Thought Leadership

    Greg supports the SAP SuccessFactors North American HR Cloud Sales team, working directly with senior leadership at both current and prospective customers.