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SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Planning

Plan the workforce you need to achieve your business goals – now and in the future. Our cloud-based workforce planning solution can help you identify risks and skill gaps, build what-if scenarios and cost models, optimize headcount plans, and develop strategies to hire and retain the right talent.
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Key Features
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    Strategic Workforce Planning

    View, assess, and design your workforce to support your business strategy – and mitigate the risk of talent gaps in critical job roles. Create demand and internal supply forecasts, identify and analyze risks, develop strategies, and model projected impact and costs. 

    • Project your future workforce composition and size
    • Identify gaps across critical job roles
    • Analyze and mitigate risk factors
    • Create what-if scenarios and cost models
    • Assign actions and accountability
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    Operational Headcount Planning

    Support continuous headcount planning so you can respond to changing business conditions faster. Our software facilitates the flow of information across your organization, giving you the visibility needed to align headcount guidelines with budgets – and develop and refine hiring plans based on current positions and forecasts.

    • Eliminate spreadsheet-based planning
    • Compare talent supply with near-term demand
    • Empower managers to revise and refine plans
    • Cascade subplans to cost centers and other departments
    • Automatically update your core HR system
  • 03
    Access Financial Data

    With easy access to financial data and what-if scenario modeling tools, you can investigate and quantify the financial implications of headcount plans before they’re executed. Model potential changes to compensation and benefits, use of contractors, and other workforce scenarios.

    • Bring data into one place for better visibility
    • Improve cost controls and forecast accuracy
    • Understand the fiscal impact of workforce plan changes to the business
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