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Performance and Goals

USD $4.17 per user/month

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals

Keep your workforce passionate, performing, and focused on the right objectives with our cloud-based performance and goal management software. Align employee goals to overall business targets, conduct accurate and bias-free employee evaluations, recognize top talent – and continuously improve workforce performance.
Key Features
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    Employee Goal Management

    Access a library of over 500 SMART goals to rapidly develop and set clear employee objectives. Track efforts and probability of success from any device – and make it easy for employees to share achievements. This feature also gives managers the ability to set cascading goals and see individual, team, or company-wide progress.

    • Set and modify goals with a SMART goal wizard
    • Ensure goal alignment at all levels
    • Correlate goal achievement with business success
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    Continuous Performance Management

    Facilitate regular, productive conversations about how to improve performance. With this feature, employees can keep managers up-to-date on the progress they’re making toward their goals – and managers can provide continuous coaching and feedback. HR leaders can also track one-on-ones and provide managers with guidance on effective coaching.

    • Hold more effective performance check-ins
    • Collect and access goal and achievement information
    • Optimize performance management practices
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    Accurate Performance Assessments

    Capture a balanced and complete view of employee performance – and provide more meaningful feedback. Use tools like Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor improve the quality of employee reviews. Identify top and bottom performers with Team Rater and Team Overview. And make fact-based performance and pay decisions with Calibration.

    • Get better performance insights with 360 Reviews
    • Provide meaningful employee feedback
    • Assess teams with visualization tools
    • View, compare, and adjust ratings with calibration

Product Functionality and Purchasing Options

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USD $4.17 per user/month

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Goals can help you create an engaged, high-performing workforce through ongoing strategy and goal alignment, continuous coaching and feedback, and accurate identification of talent.

•  Subscription billed annually, based on the number of employee users

•  Includes capabilities to manage employee profiles and view reporting relationships

•  Implementation services are required. Explore your options.

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