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SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life

This cloud solution gives you visibility into your workforce, gives employees individualized plans and actions based on their needs, and connects captured data to integrated reporting and SAP Digital Boardroom.

Support your people and help them thrive
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Discover how SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life and the Thrive Global add-on use real-time data to help you tailor well-being resources to individual needs – and champion a healthy and happy workplace.
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Key Features
  • 01
    Data-Driven Insights

    Deliver actionable insights on your workforce for employees and managers. 

    • Enable continuous feedback, anytime and anywhere
    • Benefit from cross-company benchmarking and base investment decisions on aggregated, anonymous real-time data
    • Provide consolidated real-time analytics at the individual and organizational level
  • 02
    Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

    Attract and retain top talent by focusing on employee satisfaction. 

    • Create 360-degree transparency that actively supports manager-employee dialog
    • Deliver personalized communications to help employees improve their work-life experience and overall well-being
    • Promote benefits and programs to employees when they need them most
  • 03
    Thrive Global Content

    Create a thriving workplace with evidence-based content from Thrive Global, the market leader in addressing stress and burnout. This add-on delivers personalized digital recommendations to help employees make positive and lasting changes, at work and at home.

    • Deliver science-based advice and curated content
    • Help employees adopt healthy new behaviors
    • Improve workplace well-being in an engaging way
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