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HR team discussing diversity in the workplace
HR Transformation

Diversity and Inclusion

Empower a diverse and inclusive workforce with powerful machine learning and analytics that help detect and mitigate bias across the talent management lifecycle.

Move your business beyond bias with the latest technology

Discover SAP SuccessFactors solutions that support the full range of talent management decisions, from employee selection to promotions and rewards. Our technology provides a catalyst for change in how organizations cultivate and promote a culture of diversity and inclusion. 

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Despite increased diversity initiatives, massive disparities in job opportunities persist. Explore why – and how the right tools provide objectivity across decisions and processes to level the playing field.
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Often launched to avoid expensive discrimination lawsuits, diversity programs have yielded poor results. Why? Find out in this Harvard Business Review study based on three decades of data.

Diversity initiatives that get results

Companies that cultivate diverse and inclusive cultures outperform their competitors and attract top talent. Learn about programs that get results – and how to use technology as a catalyst for change.

Driven leadership for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity and gender balance are critically important to innovation. SAP is taking steps to transform the organization. Learn more in this study on SAP.

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