Support for SuccessFactors Users

In general, support requests and technical questions about our products should be directed to the individuals within your company who have Support Portal access. If you don't know who these contacts are, please contact your HR department or IT department—someone in one of those departments should be able to point you in the right direction.

These contacts will act as a first line of support and liaison to SuccessFactors.

See below for answers to some commonly asked questions, including ones related to trouble logging in. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact your HR or IT team.

Q: Where do I log in to SuccessFactors?
A: The precise URL of your SuccessFactors login page depends on your company's technical requirements. For security reasons, we are currently unable to tell you the exact URL associated with your company. You should have received an email in the past with your login credentials and an appropriate link. If you cannot locate the email, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal to obtain the exact web address used by your company, or try one of the links below.

Login 1 | Login 2 | Login 3 | Login 4 | Login 5

Q: I can't remember my username. How can I retrieve it?
A: Your username was assigned to you by your company. It may be the same as one of your other usernames in your company's internal systems, or it may be something specific to your company's SuccessFactors system. You should have received an email with your login credentials when you were first granted access to the system. If you have forgotten your username, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal for help.

Q: I can't remember my password. How can I retrieve or reset it?
A: If your company has enabled the password help feature, you can regain access to SuccessFactors by clicking the "Forgot Password" link on the login page. You will be able to either retrieve or reset your password, depending on your company's password policy. If this feature is not available to you, or you don't know where to log in, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal

Q: I don't know my Company ID. Where can I find it?
A: Your Company ID is a short string of characters or an abbreviation—like a "username" for your company. All users at your company share the same Company ID, so you may be able to get your Company ID from a colleague who also uses SuccessFactors. Or, if there's a link to SuccessFactors on your company's intranet, it may have the Company ID already included so you won't need to enter it.

Q: Who are the individuals within my company who have access to the Support Portal and can interact with Support?
A: In general, these users are within your company’s HR department and they are responsible for administering SuccessFactors software. This person controls access to SuccessFactors data within your company and is able to reset usernames and passwords, restore locked accounts, and perform other functions.

Q: I used the Forgot Password feature, and the web page says that it sent me an email, but I never received it.
A: There are several reasons why you might not have received an email:

  • The email may be caught in your spam folder. Please check it to see if you've received the email.
  • You may have entered your username or email address incorrectly. Please check the spelling and try again.
  • You may have entered an email address that we don't have on record or that we haven't associated with your account. Every SuccessFactors account has only one primary email address associated with it. If you have multiple email addresses, please try a different one.
  • ·         In some cases, for technical or security reasons, we cannot confirm your identity and authorization to access the system.

If the problem persists, contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal

Q: Your site didn't ask for my company ID before, but now it does. Why?
A: The SuccessFactors login page appears in one of two possible formats: one that asks for a Company ID and one that doesn't. If asked, you are required to supply a Company ID in order to access the system. If you are not asked for a Company ID on the login page, it's because the Company ID was included in the link you used to get to the page. We recommend that you Bookmark the page or add it to your browser's Favorites list, so that you never need to remember your company ID.

Q: I'm locked out of my account. Can you help me?
A: To reset a locked account, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal

Q: I am a job candidate who applied for a position at company whose website says "Powered by SuccessFactors" or "Powered by Jobs2Web". How do I receive technical support or ask questions about my application?
A: You applied for a job at a company that uses SuccessFactors' Recruiting Marketing product (formerly known as Jobs2Web) to host its career site. Please direct any questions or support requests to the company to which you applied.

Q: I am trying to record a video or upload content to SAP Jam and/or SuccessFactors LMS, but it won't work?
A: Sometimes users of SAP Jam (either as a Social solution or as part of our Learning Management System) see a message that says "You've reached your file storage limit." If this is the case, your company will have to contact SuccessFactors to resolve the issue. For this or any other issue related to SAP Jam, please contact the individuals within your company with access to the Support Portal