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Digital Assistant

Deliver a personalized HR resource for every single one of your people with the digital assistant

If your employees, managers, and contingent workers were to hire a personal assistant, what characteristics would that assistant have? Would it be knowledgeable about your business, and about key aspects of the users’ individual roles? Would it learn and evolve over time, just as your people do? The digital assistant feature in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite, enabled by SAP CoPilot’s digital assistant and bot integration hub for the enterprise, is essentially your peoples’ personal assistant in digital form. Accessible through the SAP SuccessFactors homepage, on SAP CoPilot mobile, and through integrations with productivity tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, the digital assistant enables your people to instantly access information and drive key actions by simply speaking or typing into the conversational interface… just as if they are having a conversation.

Key features

Enable a broad set of interactions across the full HR lifecycle

The digital assistant feature enables interaction across a range of capabilities and functionality in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. It can be used to streamline and simplify onboarding, optimize time and attendance, engage learners, facilitate ongoing dialog between employees and managers, and more—all from a single screen. The result is an efficient experience that engages the workforce and helps people get things done like never before.


Leverage powerful SAP technologies embedded in the SAP SuccessFactors suite

The digital assistant for SAP SuccessFactors brings SAP CoPilot into the HR solution, leveraging CoPilot’s ability to understand what people need from analyzing and learning their own natural language, which ultimately enables your employees to interact with the HR solution in a way that comes naturally and effortlessly to them. This feature also leverages machine learning to become better and more effective at meeting the needs of your workforce with every use.


Resources to explore


The digital assistant is now live as part of a beta program. If you would like to learn more about how your company can participate, please visit the Customer Community

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