Your workforce and your business needs are changing faster than ever. Having the right people in place to grow your business is critical. SuccessFactors Succession & Development increases your organization’s competitive advantage by helping you identify and develop talent, thereby ensuring leadership continuity and a workforce that will support and sustain business growth. 

  • Build bench strength: Gain visibility into your existing talent pools, identify potential gaps, and develop employees for key positions.
  • Monitor organizational health: See the talent depth and breadth across your entire organization, identify key positions, track successor readiness, and assess the risk of loss and the impact of turnover.
  • Gain valuable insight: Get to know your workforce by gaining a better understanding of employee backgrounds, expertise, performance, and career aspirations
  • Uncover hidden talent: Break down organizational silos and conduct company-wide searches to identify the right employees for key roles across your organization.    
  • Extend succession deeper into your organization: Expand and scale your succession planning efforts with talent pool-based succession planning.
SuccessStory: TranSystems

SuccessStory: TranSystems

A mid-sized firm comprised of nearly 1,000 professionals in 37 offices throughout the U.S., TranSystems is a transportation solutions provider cove...

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