In today’s highly competitive global marketplace, companies that continuously cultivate the next generation of leaders enjoy a business advantage. SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development helps you identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals, while providing visibility and succession planning capabilities to support future growth. 

  • Reduce organizational risk: Identify and address current and potential talent gaps to reduce the risk of poor business execution.
  • Ensure talent continuity: Develop and maintain a continuous supply of internal talent to fill critical roles throughout your organization
  • Leverage workforce insights: Analyze your organization’s talent supply and talent demand so that you can make more informed decisions.
  • Create more effective succession plans: Measure the effectiveness of your succession plans and the impact they have on business outcomes with custom reports and dashboards.
  • Increase employee engagement: Empower employees to reach their full potential, advance their careers, and accelerate their learning with targeted development plans.
  • Optimize career development in your organization: Enhance career path development opportunities by innovative mentoring programs linked with business strategies 

With SAP SuccessFactors Succession & Development, you can create strategic succession planning processes that reach deep into the organization, align with business needs, and drive better business outcomes.

SuccessStory: B/E Aerospace

SuccessStory: B/E Aerospace

B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of aircraft cabin interior products. B/E Aerospace designs, develops, and manufactures a broad ra...

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