Organisations that take a continuous approach to managing the performance of their workforce can adapt more easily to the ongoing changes in the competitive environment and achieve sustainable growth. SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals puts employee performance at the centre of the process so your people always have the direction, the feedback and the recognition that they need to perform at their best. Its comprehensive set of capabilities allows you to create a unique performance management process that accurately evaluates past performance and improves future performance.

  • Goal Management. Keep your workforce constantly focused on the right business objectives.
  • Continuous Performance Management. Help employees improve and succeed with ongoing feedback and coaching.
  • Performance Assessments. Accurately measure the value and impact of your employees.
SuccessStory: Keolis

SuccessStory: Keolis

Keolis is one of Europe's leading public transport operators and has more than 54,000 employees in 14 countries across four continents. Since going...

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