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Well-Being at Work


Operationalize a culture of well-being and purpose in your organization to enrich the employee experience and drive peak performance.

Businesses perform better when the employee’s sense of well-being is high, and well-being is highest when it is treated as an important cultural value that permeates all aspects of business operations.

  • Employees who are able to effectively manage the stress of a rapidly changing world can accomplish more with less.
  • Well-being is critical to organizational business strategy: 78% of organizations view employee well-being as an essential component of their business strategy.
  • Organizations with well-being programs outperform the S&P 500 index over a six-year period.
  • Companies with well-being programs see 3x more profit than companies without programs do

When well-being programs are instituted successfully, the benefits on the bottom line are clear. This is why SAP SuccessFactors is exploring ways that human capital management technology could potentially be used to address this area and is developing new technologies to help you gain continuous insights into employee satisfaction and well-being.

Embedding Well-Being Into Your Current HCM Practices

You can get started by looking at the tools, policies and practices throughout your organization. By creating a workplace that fully supports employees, organizations thrive with increases in productivity, creativity and employee engagement.

SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life with Thrive Global content

Using real-time data, SAP SuccessFactors Work-Life can help you champion a happy and healthy workplace. Gain anonymized insights that help you prioritize key issues to improve employee experience and increase employee engagement, improve performance, and help ensure that your business is ready for the future of work.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Real-time feedback
  • Intelligent recommendations to improve workplace well-being
  • Insights into employee and team satisfaction

Well-Being Partners

We are curating a partner ecosystem of well-being providers that complement and deliver unique offerings such as trainings and change management services to support a comprehensive well-being strategy.

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