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HR community apps

Simple solutions to complex problems

SAP SuccessFactors is bringing together organizations of all sizes, from enterprises to startups, to co-create “simple solutions to big problems” through stand-alone, purpose-built, and easy-to-consume applications. We are building an open community of micro-apps designed to tackle the most critical people issues facing HR executives today. This offers our customers a curated set of solutions to augment their existing systems and tap into the latest sources of innovation faster than ever.

Featured partners

We are focusing this new community on six initial categories of people issues.
Here are a few examples of the partners helping us solve these critical problems:


Well-being: Ensure employees are productive and thriving

  • End the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals science-based solutions with Thrive global


Best Money Moves

Pay equity: Ensure employees are paid equitably based on merit

  • Ensure employees are paid equitably with PayScale


Real-time feedback: Provide managers and employees insightful coaching to enhance performance

  • Make it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback with Culture Amp


  • Develop next-generation leaders with AI-powered coaching for the digital workplace from Cultivate

Unbiased recruiting: Eliminate bias from the recruiting process



Brilliant Hire
  • Eliminating recruiting bias with Brilliant Hire by SAP employees in the SAP.iO Venture Studio

Predictive performance: Accurately assess talent to hire most qualified candidates

  • Hiring, growing, and retaining top talent using AI to build a deep talent database with Plum


  • Hiring internal, external, and contingent talent more effectively with AI from HiredScore

Internal mobility: Match existing talent with global opportunities

  • Mobilize the workforce to cover understaffing with Andjaro



Community benefits

  • Business leaders: Get access to the latest thinking on critical people issues facing your organization (well-being, pay equity, unbiased recruiting, and more)
  • HR and IT professionals: Enhance existing solutions without having to overhaul core HR system and co-create solutions that solve your specific challenges
  • Software vendors: Build high-value applications that leverage or enrich data in SAP SuccessFactors, expedite integration via SAP Cloud Platform, and sell solutions through SAP AppCenter to >400,000 customers around the world
  • Entrepreneurs: Collaborate with SAP customers to co-create the next generation of HR solutions, tap into open platform and developer tools, and access personalized mentorship in partnership with SAP.iO

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