Values-based diversity: what it means and why it matters

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Diversity is no longer mostly about demographics like race and gender. The focus has shifted to accommodating different values, goals, and skills within today’s global, multi-generational workforce. “Values-based diversity” is here to stay—and it’s forcing HR to rethink strategies and incentives. The question is, in what ways?

Find out in this groundbreaking report from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Download Values-based diversity for expert insights and answers. Discover:

  • How the battle for top talent is driving diversity
  • The 5 diversity benefits that 80% of HR leaders agree on
  • What most CEOs get wrong about Millennials
  • How issues, attitudes, and obstacles vary by region
  • The best emerging diversity-centric strategies

To get the report, register here.

To get the report, register here.

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