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Oxford Economics Executive Study
4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart

Recognizing the Value of People in a Digital Transformation

The best run companies have two things in common – good leadership and talent that is  connected to their company’s purpose to drive phenomenal results. In fact, a recent study from Oxford Economics discovered that one of the key traits of good leadership in a digital transformation was focusing on the need to prioritize talent and recruit the best.

Download the Oxford Economics report, 4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart, and learn why:

  • The top 100 companies in this report are spending more money to retain existing employees and investing more in hiring new employees.
  • The majority (71%) of the leaders at these companies recognize that a digital transformation makes it easier to attract and retain talent.
  • Of these leaders, 83% expect that talent management will be changed by digitalization in the next two years.

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4 Ways Leaders Set Themselves Apart

A study on digital transformation by the SAP Center for Business Insight and Oxford Economics.

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