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Leaders 2020: How strong leadership pays off in the digital economy

Organizations leading in the digital economy are also leading with innovative HR strategies.

Emerging as a digital winner requires rethinking your approach to managing and developing talent, your organizational structure, your leadership, and the cultures that are created in the organization. The Leaders 2020 research study, published by Oxford Economics and supported by SAP, is based on survey results from more than 4100 executives and employees in 21 countries. The research identifies the characteristics of organizations that are succeeding in the digital economy and the HR strategies that set them apart.

New: Millennial Executives Think Piece and Diversity & Inclusion Think Piece

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  • Leaders 2020 Global Research Brief
  • Leaders 2020 Global, Public Sector, SMBs and Collaboration Infographics
  • Leaders 2020 Global and Country Fact Sheets
  • Leaders 2020 Global Think Piece for Public Sector, Financial Services, SMBs, Collaboration, Millennial Executives and Diversity and Inclusion

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Resources to explore

Leaders 2020 Global Research Brief

This Brief summarizes the key global findings from the research including the following themes; 1) Leadership development, 2) Diversity and inclusion, 3) Talent development strategies, and 4) Millennial executives

Leaders 2020 Global Infographic

The Leaders 2020 Infographic gives you a quick and easy way to learn about the Global research findings in a 2 page graphical summary.

Leaders 2020 Global and Country Fact Sheets

The Leaders 2020 Fact Sheet provides you a quick and easy overview of the key statistics from the research.

Leaders 2020 Global Think Pieces

The Leaders 2020 Think Piece provides you a quick and easy overview and analysis of the research findings.

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