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Fostering a highly engaged workforce: from talk to action

Employee engagement is one of HR’s most daunting challenges, but fresh strategies and solutions are emerging—including an intensive drive to assess, manage, and improve company culture. This new approach is already yielding impressive results for forward-looking companies. Don’t be left behind. Discover these engagement-boosting ideas and insights, new best practices, and customer experiences.

Discover new ideas and
best practices


  • The causal links between company culture, innovation, and growth
  • How to get and keep Millennials engaged
  • HR’s pivotal role in supporting and measuring cultural change
  • The value of engaging employees through social collaboration

Hear expert advice

View this Deloitte webinar to learn:

  • Which engagement areas to focus on in 2016
  • How to make engagement an “always-on” HR priority
  • Why supervisor compensation should be linked to team members’ engagement

Profit from experience

See how forward-thinking companies use SAP SuccessFactors to improve culture and engagement:

  • Blount leverages self-service HR reporting to boost organizational performance
  • DeLavel created a culture of high performance and internal mobility
  • SyncHRony improved employee alignment with business goals and strategy