SuccessFactors HCM Suite: The complete HR solution in the cloud

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You can’t manage today’s rapidly changing workforce with yesterday’s strategies – or yesterday’s HR solutions. So how can you optimize the core HR solution that supports your basic HR processes, the talent solutions that engage your people and help them perform, and the analytics that provide the insights your managers need?

To address these challenges, SuccessFactors offers the HCM Suite, the complete solution that offers all the benefits cloud computing. What’s more, you don’t have to rip and replace your existing systems to get the benefits. Just decide where you have the greatest need – you can start anywhere today and go everywhere tomorrow. To find out more, check out the e-books below.

  • Core HR in the cloud: SuccessFactors Employee Central
    Fragmented HR systems can prevent global companies from answering the most basic questions about their employees – let alone manage a global workforce. You need a Core HR system that provides a single source of truth, handles HR transactions flawlessly, meets your compliance needs, and integrates with your talent and back-end solutions.
  • Talent management in the cloud: Attract, develop, and retain a 21st century workforce
    To stay ahead of the competition you need a proactive, integrated approach to your entire talent management lifecycle. Find out how SuccessFactors can help you to attract the right people, get your new hires up to speed in record time, manage them to align with corporate goals, develop, reward and retain your top talent, and plan for future talent needs.
  • Workforce analytics in the cloud: Focus on what matters
    Today’s analytics tools generate ever-growing volumes of workforce data. But managers don’t have the time or skills to comb through haystacks of data to find the needles of insight. They need to be alerted to situations that require their attention. They need tools that turn complex HR data into actionable insights, in plain language. And they need help in determining cause and effect, evaluating risk, and finding solutions.

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