Online recruiting survey
shows what job candidates want

Now, more than ever, HR professionals must rely on a big bag of tricks when recruiting new talent. With an uncertain, sluggish global economy, the geographical boundaries associated with finding, developing, and leading people to improve business execution are declining, but other challenges are quickly advancing. So even if you are using the most cutting-edge online recruiting software — perhaps more commonly known as web-based recruiting software — it’s still crucial to know what the most promising job candidates are looking for before they begin working for you.

Download the “2012 HR Beat: A Survey on the Pulse of Today’s Global Workforce” report to learn what matters most to job candidates and employees across age, geography and gender, and find ways to better access and identify the right new hires and retain top talent.

Survey highlights include:

  • 42% of Millennials want mentors
  • 82% of employees ask for more benefits
  • 39% of Gen X job hunters asked for more money
  • 51% of HR execs use social media and texting during the hiring process
  • 38% of companies have delayed international expansion because of hiring challenges

Note that more than half of survey respondents said that they use social networking for recruiting. But are they using social networking for recruiting in a logical, methodical, efficient manner? SuccessFactors Recruiting solution is one way you can apply business execution tactics to your recruiting process. For example, it can help you determine which search, social, mobile, and other channels reach the best candidates at the lowest cost.