Welcome to the 20 Minute Master Class Series

The core functions of HCM have rapidly expanded in recent years and are now increasingly being linked to business performance. But the complexities associated with talent management are extensive and agile and strategically focused HR departments are motivated by monitoring, driving and improving performance to deliver on business goals more than ever before.

Join industry experts for a series of 20 Minute Online Master Classes designed to share best practice, current statistics and trends. Speakers from the Institute of Employment Studies, Towards Maturity, Lane 4 and SuccessFactors will discuss some of the hot topics within HR currently and invite discussion from participants. The sessions should leave you with ideas about how you can raise the profile of HR to really help drive business performance.

Master Class One: Dr Karie Willyerd, SuccessFactors, an SAP Company
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“The 2020 Workplace”

We begin our master class series by exploring the workplace of the future with Dr Karie Willyerd, Chief Learning Officer at SuccessFactors, an SAP Company, and co-author of “The 2020 Workplace”. While organisations recalibrate to respond to current business pressures, external forces will continue to change and shape the nature of business. Based on extensive research from a global survey and interviews with more than 2200 people and 300 companies, Dr. Willyerd will discuss the ways in which organisations are connecting employees and implementing social media to address the needs of a global and increasingly Millennial workforce.

Master Class Two: Peter Reilly BA, MA - The Institute for Employment Studies
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“Talent – Use it or lose it.”

Do you know who your talent is - are they still with you or have they gone?

Peter Reilly from IES (Institute for Employment Studies) will discuss a fundamental issue. What is talent management and how is it applied in your organisation? Before building and driving your world-class workforce, central challenges need to be met. Where is the information on your talent? How can you deep dive into the data which will help you structure and build your requirements? Many of us are simply not aware of the myriad of information which is readily available to organisations and without this knowledge there is a real danger that your top talent will simply walk away from your business. Or have they already gone?

Master Class Three: Laura Overton, Managing Director - Towards Maturity.
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"Talent's at the top of the agenda."

During 2012 organisational focus on talent management increased. What did these organisations do and were you one of them?

Aligning the talent of your employees to your business strategy is no mean feat. We’ve seen that in 2012 many organisations increased their focus on talent management, but what did they do, and if you’re not doing this, where should you start? Laura Overton from Towards Maturity will use real data and European benchmarking statistics from over 2200 organisations to explain where time and investment needs to be made to build a high performing team and to help you benchmark your approach against your competition. Using feedback from top learning companies and her own expert knowledge, Laura will investigate techniques and skills to engage and develop existing talent and on-board and up-skill your new recruits.

Master Class Four: Tom Smith, Head of Talent Management & Assessment and Dr. Zara Whysall, Head of Research - Lane 4
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"Intelligence and talent isn’t enough"

Why intelligence and talent just isn’t enough. Discover the learning mindset.

The world’s sporting elite demonstrated incredible achievements at last year’s Olympic Games. But were talent and mental attitude the main driver for their success? Tom Smith and Dr. Zara Whysall from Lane4 will use their knowledge and sports psychology backgrounds from Lane4 to discuss incredible feats that happen in the workplace every day and how these are achieved. Tom and Zara will introduce the idea of the learning mindset and demonstrate how organisations get the best from talented employees and help them achieve even greater degrees of success.

Master Class Five: Bernard Marr, Managing Director – Advanced Performance Institute
29th April 2013, 12pm (GMT)
"Collecting HR metrics is a complete waste of time!"

Most organisations measure everything that is easy to count, but little that actually matters to inform strategic decision-making. Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO of the Advanced Performance Institute, is the author of “Key Performance Indicators: The 75 Measures Every Manager Needs To Know”. Bernard will use this session to uncover the 10 most important HCM metrics you need to truly understand organisational performance and business strategy alignment. Without the use of relevant and strategic metrics organistions will just waste resources, reduce company performance and ultimately destroy staff engagement.

Master Class Six: Vanessa Robinson, Head of HR Practice Development - Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
16th May 2013, 12pm (GMT)
"Future Priorities for HR: Are you on track?"

The role of HR and its evolution has been a hot topic and will bring our first series of 20 minute masterclasses to a close. Vanessa Robinson, Head of HR Practice Development at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) will use recent CIPD research, as well as her own considerable insight, to discuss the changing role of HR, and the challenges and opportunities facing HR going forward. Specifically she will focus on 3 key areas:

  • The areas of agreement and disconnect between HR and senior business leaders on current and future business priorities and HR’s strategic contribution to these.
  • What issues keep the CEO awake at night?
  • What insights can HR professionals draw on to keep ahead of the game?

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 Collecting HR metrics is a complete waste of time!, 29 Apr 2013, 12pm (GMT)
 Future Priorities for HR: Are you on track?, 16th May 2013, 12pm (GMT)