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The speed of implementation, ease of use and cost savings associated with the SuccessFactors solution have made all the difference to the experience and, in the long-term, to our ability to perform as a global company.

Philippe Ferrie, Worldwide Employee Relations Coordinator and HRIS Director, Vallourec

Success Story: Vallourec





Execution Gap

To manage a growing and diverse global workforce, Vallourec needed to address the following challenges:

  • Update and centralise legacy HR systems
  • Retain highly skilled staff across all areas of business
  • Improve overall business performance through talent management and development

SuccessFactors Solution

Vallourec initially deployed Employee Profile, Goal Management, Performance Reviews, Compensation Management and Succession Planning in five languages to 3000 employees across 10 countries. Vallourec was able to improve operational excellence by:

  • Creating an integrated HR cycle that enabled managers across the business to conduct performance reviews, identify and develop talent, plan compensation and motivate employees
  • Increasing visibility into talent pools for succession planning
  • Creating a more meritocratic work environment thereby increasing employee loyalty and retention

Business Results

Vallourec implemented SuccessFactors and achieved the following business results:

  • Increased engagement in formal HR process – up from 60% to 98%
  • Speed of performance review process increased by up to 300%
  • Centralised processes were significantly more cost efficient than traditional in-house ERP tool