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User experience


Gain visibility and insight into your total workforce

SAP SuccessFactors streamlines the user experience for increased business effectiveness through:

  • Employing lean and simple user interfaces.
  • Prioritizing quick information lookup and fast action-taking.
  • Streamlining business processes by rethinking and redesigning the steps it takes to complete a process.
  • Utilizing design patterns and user interfaces that are role based, purpose-built for both web browsers and mobile devices.
  • Leveraging the advantages of SAP Fiori, the official design language of SAP SuccessFactors, that provides a personalized, responsive, and simple user experience for SAP SuccessFactors solutions on any device.
  • Disaggregating traditional software applications into relevant tasks and activities for a consistent and holistic experience.

Key features

Web and mobile platform experiences

SAP SuccessFactors User Experience (UX) refers to technology, user interfaces, and interactions of all applications and solutions developed by SAP SuccessFactors via web and natively built applications for the iOS and Android mobile platforms.


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