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SAP SuccessFactors Mobile


less cost per an HR transaction when employee data is administered using a single system.

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The mobile application that brings HR closer to your employees

Take HR beyond enterprise boundaries and create a social and collaborative experience that boosts business effectiveness. Make HR processes available to all employees anywhere and anytime with the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile application.


Screenshot of SAP SuccessFactors Mobile

SAP SuccessFactors Mobile

In today’s business environment, success depends on being able to act on opportunities and address challenges in an instant. Whether it’s getting a job offer in the hands of a key prospect, ensuring goals are completed on time, or getting immediate insight that your attrition rates just went higher, mobile access has become a critical success factor for enterprises. Companies that excel in providing this access have a significant competitive advantage, they move faster, their employees are more engaged, and they are more productive.

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SAP SuccessFactors


Brooks Brothers

To manage and accelerate growth, Brooks Brothers sought a solution to further its HR strategy while ensuring compliance across its manufacturing, retail, and corporate talent pools. Thanks to HR solutions from SAP SuccessFactors, employees and managers are now empowered with direct access to the information they want.



Kinross Gold Corporation, together with SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management solutions, streamlined job applications, built internal talent pools, and boosted collaboration between recruiters and managers – enabling them to find the right people for jobs quickly and efficiently.

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SAP SuccessFactors Mobile

Be a more productive employee or be a better people manager and an insightful leader. With SAP SuccessFactors Mobile, you can.

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