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Intelligent Services


Remove complexity, improve efficiency with Intelligent Services

Employees today expect a consumer-grade user experience from their business software. They are looking for intuitive tools that can push action items to them and recommend next steps to get something done. Intelligent Services is a new set of capabilities built across the SuccessFactors HCM suite that brings organizations a step closer to this goal and allows them to manage their workforce changes in real-time. Unlike traditional HR processes and workflows that are manual, time-intensive, and inefficient – Intelligent Services remove complexity from HR-related events, such as a leave of absence, a promotion, or onboarding a new hire – enabling more efficient delivery of HR services across the organization. No longer do employees or managers need to rely on HR or shared services to navigate a series of HR processes across multiple systems and organizational boundaries – or guess next steps – SuccessFactors can do it for them.

Key features

Taking self-services to a new level

End users no longer have to predict all the tasks they may need to complete when they start a HR process, intelligent software does it for them. With Intelligent Services, managed in the new SuccessFactors Intelligent Services Center, individual transactions that make up common workforce events but cross organizational boundaries and software modules, are consolidated into a single experience. Instead of managers or business partners having to guess all the relevant tasks when a change takes place, or rely on shared services to fill the gaps, SuccessFactors does it for them, freeing up valuable manager and employee time.


Manage workforce changes holistically through the Intelligent Services Center

The Intelligent Services Center is a simple-to-use tool that allows customer administrators to configure events that holistically combine processes across and beyond the suite. Leverage integrations configured in the Integration Center or create your own simple integrations. Monitor workforce changes that occur across the organization in real-time and troubleshoot issues. 


Included in the SAP SuccessFactors suite at no extra cost

These capabilities are included in the SAP SuccessFactors suite at no extra charge. Get started today. Explore these guides to learn more about how to set up and manage Intelligent Services.


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