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The new HR mandate is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and compliance to building value-based relationships with every member of the workforce – engaging permanent and external workers to collaborate in new ways, using consumer-style tools and social HR. Dramatic business and workforce changes show us it’s time to think differently about core HR – not just as “the system of record,” but as the hub where everything in the organization comes together to transform the work experience and how you manage your workforce for business impact and success.

Key features

Advise on the business strategy and execution across boundaries

With visibility into the entire workforce and access to actionable insight, HR leaders can advise executives on business-driven people strategies, drive strategic topics such as diversity and inclusion, and measure the impact of initiatives. Global and unmatched localized capabilities ensure legal and corporate compliance and take into consideration local culture and people’s expectations for broad and seamless adoption.


Provide the structure for success

Translating strategy into operational success requires comprehensive, integrated, and searchable employee and organizational information and tools that support an agile organization. Smart automation across administrative and business functions lets you manage end-to-end processes, not just siloed transactions.


Engage the people

Enable every member of the workforce with easy-to-use tools that facilitate contribution to business goals. Reach people and add value to their daily lives with simple, smart, and usable services and the information they need. Allow people to create a real image of themselves and empower connections and social collaboration to maximize engagement.


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