The leadership cliff

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New research reveals troubling trends — and hopeful remedies

Featured Speakers:

Michael Zielenziger, Oxford Economics
Hy Pomerance, Impact International (former CHRO at New York Life Insurance)
Bhushan Sethi, PricewaterhouseCoopers

When employees and executives see eye to eye, it’s usually good news... except when they agree on something troubling: in this case, lackluster company leadership. How worrisome is this finding, and what does it mean for future business growth?

Get the details at this live presentation on Oxford Economics’ “Workforce 2020” surveys of HR executives and employees in 27 countries. Learn the extent and impact of:

  • Leadership deficits at senior company echelons
  • Employees’ dim view of middle and upper management performance
  • A widespread lack of succession planning
  • Unfulfilled employee expectations for guidance, development, and training


Workforce 2020: The Leadership Cliff

Workforce 2020: The Leadership Cliff

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