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SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Improve business results, boost productivity, and increase organizational competitiveness with a learning solution that allows you to develop leaders, assure compliance, and train external audiences.

Key Features
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    Blended Learning Capabilities

    Motivate learners to develop new skills with a blend of formal and informal learning capabilities.

    • Link courses to communities for collaboration including ranking, polls, discussion forums and more.
    • Topic based communities of practice support peer learning and sharing
    • Get expert-created content from our partners in the Open Content Network
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    Extended Enterprise Environments

    SAP SuccessFactors Learning Marketplace is a simple turnkey solution that includes our industry-leading learning management system (LMS). It allows organizations to provide training environments for their partners, customers, and extended business network – to drive revenues, and attract and satisfy customers.

    • Manage courses, exams, certifications, and more
    • Support multiple credit card processers
    • Promote courses and make recommendations
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    Automated Assignment Profiles

    For learning professionals at organizations that need to regulate, qualify, and certify their employees, SAP SuccessFactors Learning allows you to automate and assure compliance-training.

    • Create automated learning assignments based on nearly any criteria
    • Reduce administrative headaches
    • Gain visibility into compliance training status and activities
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