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HR Transformation

Mobile App

Make HR processes available to all employees – where and when they need them – with the SAP SuccessFactors Mobile application.

Bring HR closer to your employees

Give your people mobile access to your SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Our native app makes it easy to engage your workforce and complete HR tasks – as easy as navigating your favorite consumer apps. And like our modern UX and digital assistant, it delivers a personalized experience across any channel, no matter where you are or what you're working on.
Key Features
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    Connect everyone in your organization to key information and processes while they’re on the go. Included with your subscription, our mobile app provides self-service tools for managers, employees, and HR – so they can complete critical tasks quickly and efficiently. Keep employee information up to date, grant approvals, monitor project progress, understand organizational business relationships at a glance, and more.

    • Let employees update their personal information
    • View talent profiles, including skills and performance
    • Edit job positions, compensation, and bonuses
    • Monitor the progress of ongoing projects
    • Submit job requisitions, feedback, and more
    • Upload content and access group resources
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    Time and Attendance

    Make, approve, and cancel requests for time-off based on up-to-date information about entitlements, accruals, and deductions – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Workers and consultants can complete timesheets quickly and accurately using planned time schedules and other tools, no matter how they’re paid.

    • See the organization’s holiday calendar
    • Create and leverage pre-vacation checklists 
    • View previous timesheets and a weekly summary
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    Talent Management

    Facilitate skills development, guide performance, and make informed workforce decisions – 24/7. Anytime learning features help employees zero-in on the right courses while managers can approve training requests. Coaching features allow for continual performance ratings and timely feedback to keep everyone on track. And fast access to analytics make it easier to spot and respond to risks before they become major issues.

    • Provide access to learning history and certifications
    • Take advantage of checklists and due date reminders 
    • Prioritize work based on performance goals
    • Monitor progress and share achievements
    • Access relevant, timely workforce analytics
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