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HR Transformation

Collaboration for HR

Foster real, human connections with HR collaboration software. Build a culture of sharing and engagement centered around the employee – from hire to retire.

Engage all your people with collaboration tools for HR

Streamline HR processes and bring your people together with social collaboration tools. With SAP Jam Collaboration for HR, you can connect your employees with the people, information, content, and processes they need to get work done – within your SAP SuccessFactors applications and on mobile devices.

SAP Jam Collaboration for HR

When combined with a formal onboarding program, social collaboration reduces onboarding costs. From day one, SAP Jam connects employees to the experts and information they need via a convenient “getting started” wizard – with content and contacts customized per employee profile.

  • Reduced demand on onboarding resources
  • Communities that encourage asking questions
  • Easy access to experts
  • Easy sharing of information and experiences
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Maximize the full potential of your training programs. SAP Jam taps into employees’ natural learning styles and promotes a culture of continuous learning. Using discovery, collaboration, peer resources, and expert help, your employees can further their on-the-job learning.

  • Reduced training travel costs
  • A modern, mobile-ready learning experience
  • Integrated with your collaboration platform
  • Access to communities of experts 
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Engaged employees feel more connected to overall company success. SAP Jam helps increase employee engagement by enabling expert mentor relationships – for one-to-one or one-to-many knowledge sharing. Support your mentors with a collaborative platform that makes their job easier.

  • Contacts across generations and seniority levels
  • A voice for every employee
  • Equal opportunities for learning and development
  • Connection with the right experts and support
  • Streamlined development programs
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Make it easy for your people to share information with project groups, teams, or departments with an SAP Jam portal. Start discussions, keep timelines on track, and share knowledge, status updates, feedback, documents, and more. Customize the experience by adding apps created in SAP Cloud Platform.

  • Easy to use and manage
  • Department-managed content
  • Employee content contributions
  • SAP Cloud Platform app extensions
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SAP Jam Collaboration
SAP Jam Collaboration

Learn more about how SAP Jam Collaboration delivers secure collaboration where you work – inside your SAP SuccessFactors applications, on your mobile device, or in the product itself. 

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