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Support Offerings

Get the support you need to expertly run, use, and maintain your SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Start strong – and see results sooner.

Maximize the value of your cloud HCM investment 

Our customer success teams are dedicated to helping you use your SAP SuccessFactors solutions effectively post go-live. Harness mission-critical support included in your cloud subscription, or upgrade to our premium plan for tailored support and prioritized issue-handling.

Support Plans

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions (SAP ESCE) helps you safeguard your mission-critical processes for faster issue resolution with a guaranteed corrective action plan. 

  • Offers a rich set of support deliverables, knowledge transfer assets, training materials, and best practices
  • Provides easy collaboration with our SAP experts through different channels and platforms, including chat.

SAP Preferred Success is an add-on to the SAP ESCE subscription, helping you accelerate outcomes with your SAP cloud solution. The plan is dynamic to the changing needs of your organization and combines insight-driven recommendations, a continuous learning strategy, and change-management guidance. Additional value-added options include:

  • Onboarding with landscape guidance, use-case guidance on build, integration, and extension scenarios
  • Tailored training and enablement with exclusive content
  • Access for five users to the SAP Learning Hub
  • Collaborative release guidance and recommendations
  • Expertise delivered through solution and platform experts, customer success managers, and automated delivery
  • Success checks for best-practice delivery
  • Prioritized incident handling with faster response time for priority 2-4 incidents
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SAP SuccessFactors Services
SAP SuccessFactors Services

Let our experts help you plan your HR transformation, implement and run SAP SuccessFactors solutions, integrate your cloud and on-premise landscapes, and stay on top of the latest technologies – from AI to VR.

Learn more about how SAP SuccessFactors can get your team working together.