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$3 per user/month

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent. Our cloud-based talent recruiting solution delivers results-oriented recruiting practices with embedded engagement and automation to help you secure the right talent. By delivering a candidate-first experience, you can attract and nurture talent. Our collaborative approach to recruiting simplifies and accelerates the hiring process.

Key Features

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    Global Talent Sourcing

    Post jobs to more than 4,000 sources – including job boards, colleges and universities, and social networks – in 80+ countries. Access global job distribution and sourcing analytics, optimize your career site for search engines, increase candidate flow, and stay on budget. 

    • Access detailed analytics by job, source, or campaign
    • Reach your target market on the right channels
    • Manage mobile and e-recruiting activities
    • Analyze recruitment strategies and campaigns
    • Improve search ranking for your career site
    • Optimize recruiting budgets and spend 
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    Candidate Engagement

    Self -service tools:
    Develop a responsive career site using self-service tools and modern best practices. Offer delightful candidate experiences on any device, anywhere in the world. Engage active and passive talent with embedded candidate relationship management tools – and grow your talent pipeline. 

    • Create and maintain a responsive career site
    • Welcome candidates with recruitment campaigns
    • Communicate in up to 46 languages
    • Build talent pipelines to cut hiring time and costs
    • Establish targeted candidate pools and communities
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    Comprehensive Applicant Management

    Fill positions faster with a streamlined hiring process – from mobile job applications to online offer management. Manage and track high volumes of applicants, use data-driven candidate ranking to schedule interviews, easily generate offers, and create detailed candidate management reports. 

    • Use mobile tools to streamline the hiring process
    • Get at the best-fit candidates quickly 
    • Improve interviewing – from scheduling to feedback
    • Fast-track offers and acceptance with e-signatures
    • Create reports to assess your pipelining strategy 

Product Functionality and Purchasing Options

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$3 per user / month

SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting can help you secure the world’s best talent by providing embedded engagement, intelligence, and guidance throughout the recruiting process.

• Subscription billed annually, based on number of employee users

• Includes capabilities to source, engage, and hire the best candidate for the job

• Supplemented with integrations to a rich partner ecosystem

•  Implementation services are required. Explore your options.

Additional Resources

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Dive into the mind of an expert in an interview with a senior talent agent on the recruiting and sourcing technology plus research methods and tools applied within the HR sourcing space.

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