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Recruiting and Onboarding 

Recruit and onboard the right people – and eliminate bias and complexity from the talent acquisition process – with our cloud-based solutions.

Reinvent talent acquisition with intelligent technology

Finding talent in today’s landscape that meets all of your requirements, while embracing your organization’s purpose, can be a challenge. Our recruiting and onboarding solutions help you deliver a world-class experience through embedded engagement and automation to improve every step of the talent acquisition process.

Recruiting and Onboarding Solutions

Streamline the entire recruiting process. Our cloud-based software provides a comprehensive, guided solution to help recruiters and hiring managers source, engage, nurture and hire the world’s best talent.

• Global talent sourcing

• Embedded candidate relationship management 

• Self-service, responsive career sites

• Comprehensive applicant management

• Extensible, flexible solution leveraging a global partner network

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Empower new hires and internal transfers to ramp up and contribute to corporate goals quickly. Our cloud-based solution can help you offer a personalized onboarding experience that simplifies paperwork, secures compliance, connects employees to mentors and peers, and improves first-year retention.

• Engagement prior to day one

• Welcoming portal for new hires

• Mobile, electronic forms and e-signatures

• Support for crossboarding and offboarding 

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SAP SuccessFactors Services
SAP SuccessFactors Services

Let our experts help you plan your HR transformation, implement, and run SAP SuccessFactors solutions, integrate your cloud and on-premise landscapes, and stay on top of the latest technologies – from AI to VR.

Learn more about how SAP SuccessFactors can get your team working together.