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Workforce Planning & HR Analytics

Make faster, more informed decisions by embedding intelligence into your end-to-end HR processes – with our cloud-based people analytics and planning solutions.

Get data-driven insight across all your HR processes

Tap into the power of human capital analytics embedded in all of your day-to-day HR processes – for faster, better decisions. Reduce hiring bias while increasing diversity. Address attrition and predict flight risks. Identify resource gaps – and use HR benchmarking data to guide development and training programs.
Workforce Planning and Analytics Solutions

Be prepared to execute your business strategy with the right people, with the right skills, at the right time and cost – now and in the future. At a time of global talent shortages and an aging workforce, effective workforce planning is more critical than ever.

  • Strategic, long-term workforce planning
  • Operational headcount planning
  • Financial modeling and impact analysis

Improve HR decisions with trusted intelligence. Gain insight into challenges related to hiring, diversity, performance, leadership pipelines, turnover, and more. Quickly answer workforce questions – and easily share relevant trends and insights with HR dashboards, personalized headlines, and reports.

  • Trusted, integrated HR data foundation
  • Well-understood HR metrics and definitions
  • Interactive analysis, reports, and dashboards

Equip your CHRO and C-level executives with real-time contextual information and ad hoc analysis. This next-generation, cloud-based board portal leverages data from SAP SuccessFactors, SAP S/4HANA, and other applications to provide a single source of truth for the company.

  • Digitized boardroom experience
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Ad hoc and what-if analysis
  • Collaboration tools to leverage expert knowledge
SAP SuccessFactors Services
SAP SuccessFactors Services

Let our experts help you plan your HR transformation, implement, and run SAP SuccessFactors solutions, integrate your cloud and on-premise landscapes, and stay on top of the latest technologies – from AI to VR.

Learn more about how SAP SuccessFactors can get your team working together.