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SAP SuccessFactors Compensation

Attract, motivate, and retain top talent – even with limited budgets – by taking a more strategic approach to compensation management. Our cloud-based software can help you improve employee compensation planning, incentivize your workforce, and create a pay-for-performance culture.

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Key Features

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    Intelligent Budget and Guideline Modeling

    Forecast and model base salary, bonus, and long-term incentive plan (LTIP) designs to find the optimal balance between competitive pay and affordability. Allocate budgets to support strategic goals and different employee performance levels – and use intelligent recommendations to ensure compensation guidelines are in line with budgets.

    • Analyze and model compensation budgets
    • Accurately project bonus payouts through the year
    • Gain complete visibility into budget utilization
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    Strategic Compensation Planning

    Build and deliver compensation strategies that keep employees engaged and align to business objectives. Simplify compensation planning – and reduce risk – with configurable workflows, approval rules, and validation checks. And use compensation metrics, relevant employee data, and calibration tools to make fair and objective pay decisions.

    • Use powerful tools to simplify compensation planning
    • Easily access employee profiles and pay information
    • Consistently execute your compensation strategy
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    Meaningful Rewards and Recognition

    Create a rewarding pay-for-performance culture and show employees you value their contributions. Align award categories to behaviors you want to encourage, base award levels on effort required, and clearly communicate the value of reward packages. You can also recognize and reward employee achievements and outstanding performance as soon as they occur.

    • Deliver personalized compensation statements
    • Communicate bonus eligibility and potential payouts
    • Empower managers and employees to recognize anyone at any time

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