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SAP SuccessFactors Learning

Create a culture of ongoing learning by providing relevant, personalized training for both employees and external audiences. Our cloud-based learning management solution delivers flexible, open, and social e-learning opportunities to help you develop leaders, increase competitiveness, and support specific goals.

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Key Features

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    Blended Learning

    Create engaging programs that motivate employees to develop new skills and share ideas – with a blend of self-based, formal, and informal learning capabilities. Support blogs, videos, playlists, quick-start guides, personal workspaces, tagging, and more.

    • Empower learners to set goals and track progress 
    • Access plans, history, and courses on one page
    • Get expert content in our open partner network
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    Extended Enterprise Environments

    SAP SuccessFactors Learning Marketplace is a simple turnkey solution that includes an industry-leading learning management system (LMS). It allows organizations to provide training environments for their partners, customers, and extended business network – to drive revenues, and attract and satisfy customers.

    • Manage courses, exams, certifications, and more
    • Support multiple credit card processers
    • Promote courses and make recommendations
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    Automated Assignment Profiles

    For employers that need to regulate, qualify, and certify employees, SAP SuccessFactors Learning supports automated assignments for training and reskilling – as well as e-signatures and workflows in cases where multiple stakeholders need to sign off after completion.

    • Improve regulatory compliance
    • Reduce legal risk
    • Easily view certification or curricula statuses

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