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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll

Have more confident control of your payroll processes to ensure your workforce is paid accurately and on time. Our cloud-based HR payroll solution does this by supporting localized payroll processes for 40+ countries, and at the same time providing the insight, and flexibility you need to globally manage payroll.

Key Features

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    Accurate, Responsive Payroll

    Increase confidence in the accuracy and responsiveness of your payroll process with a solution that provides real-time insight, statistics, and alerts. Take immediate corrective measures, drive efficiency, and ensure employees are paid quickly and accurately.

    • Increase accuracy and speed by eliminating rework
    • Identify and fix payroll exceptions early
    • Use automated retro calculations and off cycle support
    • Scale your payroll system easily as needed
    • Enhance employee trust with an Intuitive mobile UX
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    Simplified Global Payroll Processes

    Mitigate the risk of payroll non-compliance with a harmonized global payroll process that easily adapts to the cultural and regulatory needs of more than 40 countries. Boost global compliance with built-in audit functionality, software updates, insights, and embedded localization.

    • Rely on local compliance kept current by 1300+ experts
    • Meet GDPR standards with a secure payroll solution
    • Comply with local legal and taxation requirements
    • Reduce operating costs using a single HR platform
    • Harmonize and consolidate payroll cycles
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    Next-Generation Payroll Management

    Adapt to organizational growth easily with a simple, standardized process for payroll, time management, compensation, and benefits. Run payroll in-house or outsourced in the cloud – and leverage SAP apps to customize for your business needs.
    • See payroll issues with one-click monitoring
    • Upgrade quickly with cloud payroll solutions
    • Align with legacy systems – in-house or in the cloud
    • Harness enterprise-wide integration with a simple UX
    • Keep up with global policy shifts with SAP support

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