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HR Transformation

Cloud HR Software for Small and Midsize Businesses

Recruit, hire, and retain the talent you need to grow your small business or midsize company – with SAP SuccessFactors cloud HR solutions.

Put people at the heart of your growing business

Grow and develop the team at your small or midsize business, engage your people, and keep up with rapid change – with SAP SuccessFactors. Our cloud HR solutions are cost-effective and modular, so you can start with the functionality you need now and add on as you expand.
Recruiting and Onboarding
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Use the latest technology to find and attract the best candidates – and help new employees become engaged and productive in record time.
Learning and Development
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Provide anytime, anywhere training and improve workforce skills. Create succession plans, develop leaders, and effectively engage your people.
Performance and Compensation
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Motivate employees to perform at their best. Create and track goals, provide continuous feedback, and reward and retain high performers.
Workforce Planning and Analytics
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Plan the workforce you need to reach your goals – and make smarter HR decisions – with modeling tools, what-if analysis, HR metrics, and more.
Core HR and Payroll
Human resources manager
Centralize your employment data and streamline core HR processes – from time-tracking and payroll to benefits, compliance, and self-services.
HR Collaboration
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Build a culture of sharing and engagement with HR collaboration tools. Modernize your intranet and easily collaborate within your processes.
SAP SuccessFactors Services
SAP SuccessFactors Services

Let our experts help you plan your HR transformation, implement and run SAP SuccessFactors solutions, integrate your cloud and on-premise landscapes, and stay on top of the latest technologies – from AI to VR.

Learn more about how SAP SuccessFactors can get your team working together.