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HR Transformation

SAP App Center: HR apps for today's toughest workforce challenges

The next great app might not be a game, but a game-changer.

Finding simple solutions to complex problems

Solve critical HR challenges with purpose-built, partner-developed apps that complement SAP SuccessFactors solutions and deliver complete, engaging, and exceptional employee experiences to keep your workforce happy and connected and your business growing. Discover, try, buy, manage, and deploy these trusted applications available on SAP App Center, our digital enterprise marketplace.

Engagement and Well-Being Apps

Best Money Moves

Lower your workforce’s financial stress to boost productivity, focus, and engagement. Best Money Moves measures employees’ monetary stress levels – and then helps solve specific pain points. The app integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.


Develop next-gen leaders with AI-powered coaching. Provide managers with continuous actionable leadership insights in the flow of work based on psychology and sociolinguistics research. The app integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.


Supercharge performance and promote a culture of learning with gamification, ensuring that learning happens when and where it matters and that employees are aligned with corporate goals. The app extends SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Jam.

JobPts by Semos

Inspire achievement with peer-to-peer recognition and rewards in order to attract, motivate, and retain employees on a global scale. The app integrates with SAP SuccessFactors solutions for employee data, social recognition, and payroll.

HR Productivity Apps

Accenture Clone and Test for Cloud

Reduce the time and effort needed to generate test data across multiple environments. Create reliable, meaningful, authentic test data that’s anonymized and stored securely in SAP data centers, where it’s available for ongoing post-go-live testing and error resolution.

AspireHR Cloud Benefits

Digitally transform your benefits processes by eliminating paper, reducing plan spend, simplifying vendor integrations and proactively communicating with employees. The solution integrates with SAP Payroll Processing or SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll.

Ingentis org.manager

Create and publish data-rich organizational charts within minutes. The combination of swift creation and a wide range of functions, including HR analytics and simulation, make this tool a genuine productivity enhancer.

Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management Software

Stay on top of compliance with an end-to-end integrated environment for managing health and safety incidents using industry compliant forms, claims and disability management, ergonomics assessments, safety alerts, corrective action tracking, and more.

Recruiting and Staffing Apps

Real-Time Workforce Optimization with Andjaro 

Reallocate available internal staff to cover short-term opportunities at different sites within your organization instead of hiring expensive temporary or fixed-term contract workers.

Censia Talent Intelligence

Instantly match the market’s best fit, most qualified, in-demand candidates to any open role, and have them delivered to you in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, saving you time and money while reducing unconscious bias.

Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform

Leverage AI technology to radically increase the effectiveness of talent operations, so recruiting and HR teams can reach their goals for recruitment, retention, diversity, and staff development while significantly reducing time- and cost-to-hire as well as attrition.


Use AI and advanced psychology to help assess an applicant’s personality and cognitive ability, predict on-the-job success – and store profile information for future use. Plum is used as an extension for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and SAP SuccessFactors Talent.

App Community Benefits by Role

  • 01
    Business Leaders

    Access the latest thinking on critical people issues facing your organization to help you create a thriving, high-performing workplace.

  • 02
    HR and IT Professionals

    Enhance your existing solutions – or co-create new ones to solve specific challenges – without having to overhaul your core human resources system.

  • 03
    Software Vendors

    Build high-value apps that use or enrich data in SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Expedite integration via SAP Cloud Platform – and sell solutions to over 437,000 customers through SAP App Center.

  • 04

    Collaborate with the SAP ecosystem to co-create the next generation of HR apps. Access an open platform and developer tools – and connect with a mentor in partnership with SAP.iO.

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