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HR Transformation

Digital Assistant

Give every single one of your people a personalized HR resource – with the digital assistant feature in SAP SuccessFactors.

Humanize the user experience with an AI chatbot

Our digital assistant lets users instantly access information and take action by speaking or typing into a conversational interface. The assistant learns and evolves over time – and like our mobile app and modern UX, it delivers a powerful and personalized experience.

Key Features

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    Interactions Across the HR Lifecycle

    Your digital assistant can interact with a range of capabilities in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. Use voice or text to streamline onboarding, optimize time and attendance, engage learners, facilitate dialog between employees and managers, and more – all from a single screen. The result is an efficient experience that engages the workforce and helps people get things done in less time.

    • Cross-application functionality
    • Understands your data and processes
    • One consistent personality and memory
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    Embedded SAP Technologies

    The SAP SuccessFactors digital personal assistant leverages SAP CoPilot – an AI-based chatbot that lets you interact with your solutions just as easily as if you were talking to another human. In addition to natural language processing and speech recognition, the assistant uses machine learning to become better at understanding and meeting workforce needs with each use. 

    • Leverages the SAP CoPilot chatbot and bot integration hub
    • Accessible via the SAP SuccessFactors homepage or SAP CoPilot mobile
    • Integrates with productivity tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams 

Additional Resources

Test-drive our digital HR assistant
Test-drive our digital HR assistant

The digital assistant for SAP SuccessFactors is now available as part of our beta program. Visit our community to find out how to participate – and be one of the first to experience the digital HR helper firsthand. 

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