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Cloud Security and Data Privacy

All SAP SuccessFactors solutions come with built-in cloud security and data protection that is constantly updated to stay ahead of threats.

High security, complete compliance

At SAP SuccessFactors, we are vigilant about data protection and privacy. We build security into every layer of our cloud solutions, update them constantly to adapt to new threats, and ensure that they meet the latest compliance and security standards worldwide.
Key Features
  • 01
    Physical, Network & Application Security

    SAP SuccessFactors solutions employ extensive security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and unauthorized alteration of data. We understand that our customers’ data is core to their business, so we continuously innovate in the area of security to protect data from the threat of data breaches, fires, and other risks.

         • Security incorporated into applications

         • The latest innovations and best practices

         • Foundation for a culture that values security

  • 02
    Support for Global & Local Regulations

    With more than 95,000 employees in over 130 countries, SAP is uniquely qualified to stay on top of ever-changing global and local regulations. Dedicated, in-country teams ensure that local legal requirements are taken into consideration and addressed in SAP product design.

         • Legal compliance in all parts of the world

         • Specialized globalization services teams

         • Deep local roots and local language capabilities

  • 03
    Corporate Commitment to Security

    To provide truly global services, our data protection and privacy team maintains a worldwide network of data protection and privacy coordinators, one in each line of business and/or legal entity. Security at SAP is incorporated from the bottom up – across all phases of the software development lifecycle –  so customers can be assured their data is secure.

         • Over 15 years delivering secure SaaS solutions

         • A global and comprehensive approach to security

         • 11 security patents and continuous innovation

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