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mars mars
3 - 6

HR 2015, Sponsored by SAP

Las Vegas, NV

mars 3 - mars 6 2015

Join us for In-depth sessions, live product demos, and interactive forums showcasing the latest updates and best practices for SuccessFactors solutions and SAP® HR.


SAP a le plaisir de vous inviter à une démonstration en ligne de ses solutions RH SuccessFactors.


mars 10, 2015

An inspirational thinker, speaker and coach, Tim Robson brings a fresh approach to performance, work, and the professional mindset.


mars 10, 2015

This webinar addresses the skills and competencies needed to take advantage of workforce analysis tools - and how to find and develop those skills. From data preparation, to standardized formulas, to advice on how to interpret results, you’ll find out how this solution can help jumpstart your analytics capabilities.


HR operations provide a critical role in any organization, including helping employees with problems or questions. However, traditional HR systems typically don’t meet the HR’s unique needs, leaving HR operations to communicate with employees via email or telephone, or using the IT helpdesk systems to help manage large volumes of HR requests.


mars 13, 2015

Nous vous invitons le vendredi 13 mars prochain, à la Maison Ladurée, pour l’inauguration des « Matinales de l’Innovation RH », premier événement d’une série de petits-déjeuners thématiques qui seront organisés tout au long de l’année autour de l’innovation dans les ressources humaines.


Altevie Technologies, Gold Partner SAP Italia, vi invita all'evento on line che si terrà giovedì 19 marzo 2014 alle ore 11.00, all'interno del quale avrete modo di vedere le soluzioni applicative Cloud SAP per la gestione dei Talenti.

conférences en ligne

The future of the total workforce

mars 24, 2015

For decades, HR has focused on employees. But today, your top talent might not be on your payroll, and your biggest legal risks may lurk in the contingent workforce...


Lograr un nivel perfecto de ejecución no es tarea sencilla en ninguna organización. Establecer un punto común de partida para cientos, e incluso miles, de empleados a fin de conseguir los mejores resultados comerciales posibles exige un esfuerzo sincronizado. Y ese esfuerzo debe iniciarse en los estratos más altos.

avr. avr.
21 - 22

avril 21 - avril 22 2015

"Für Mensch und Unternehmen": Unter diesem Motto diskutieren Experten und Vordenker in Stuttgart beim SAP-Forum für Personalmanagement die Chancen in der neuen Arbeitswelt.