Beating the street and your competition

Too many technology companies are merely interested in justifying the cost of their products with return on investment (ROI). That view is too narrow for SuccessFactors. Part of our mission is to increase the execution of every company we work with by 50 percent. That’s return on execution (ROX), and it goes far beyond ROI.

A 2009 survey by a Top 3 strategy consulting firm proved that business execution achieves ROX and has a significant impact on our customers. After talking to chief execution officers of more than 500 SuccessFactors customers, the survey revealed these business execution improvements:

Cost savings

  • 15.2 percent decrease in turnover
  • 13.7 percent increase in internal job fill rate

Strategic alignment

  • 5.5 percent increase in time spent on strategic priorities
  • One to more than eight weeks faster communication of strategy
  • 17 percent increase in people getting the right training


  • 5.4 percent high-end increase in productivity
  • 4.9 percent increase in high performers
  • 14 percent increase in project completion

Business results

  • 1 percent of revenue added back to profit

Best of all, SuccessFactors customers have achieved two to four times greater stock market performance than the major stock market indices since October 2008. Outperforming the markets and the competition — that’s real ROX.