You no longer need to struggle to manage your learning content assets. SuccessFactors Content uniquely provides content as a service (CaaS). With iContent, you can focus on what matters—the quality and effectiveness of your training.

  • Reduce costs: We take care of the overhead and infrastructure administration, so your organization realizes substantial cost savings.
  • Improve compliance learning effectiveness: Ensure content is technically sound and quality-assured. iContent delivers tested and validated eLearning that reports and tracks completions and test scores.
  • Enjoy faster, more reliable content delivery: SuccessFactors iContent is delivered via the fast, efficient, and reliable Akamai Content Distribution Network (CDN).
  • Provide a single content portal for administrators: Manage your content in one central location.

Open Content Network

Offer your employees the ability to access content in Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) via SuccessFactors Open Content Network Partners.

  • Formalize MOOC offerings: Your employees may already be taking these courses on their own, but now this will be formalized into the LMS and made available in catalogs, as part of Programs or Curricula, as well as directly assigned to your employees by admins or supervisors.
  • Enable MOOC catalogs in your LMS: Offer courses from SuccessFactors Learning Open Content Network partners lynda.com, Coursera, Udacity, and OpenHPI.