We’ve tailored Professional Edition specifically for the needs of small businesses under 200 employees. Improve the performance of your employees, your people, and your entire business. With Professional Edition, you can automate your people processes, improve visibility and efficiency, and transform your business — turning strategy into execution every day.

Align your employees’ performance with your company’s goals. Focus your people on what matters, measure progress along the way, and keep everyone engaged and accountable. Below are key components that make up Professional Edition:

Professional Edition Performance & Goals includes:

  • Company information: Gain the visibility you need by creating a live organizational chart with reporting lines and team structures.

  • Employee profiles: Provides access to live resumes that include skills, background information, and certifications.

  • Goal management: Align employee efforts with your company strategy by creating goals and keeping the team focused.

  • Performance management: Improve the quality of feedback and produce actionable performance reviews in less time, leveraging 360-degree feedback.

  • Reports and dashboards: Generate and share insights on performance levels and internal processes quickly and easily.

  • SAP Jam: Share knowledge and accelerate employee productivity.

Additional Professional Edition module includes:

Professional Edition Compensation Management: Reward great execution and pay the people who get results.

We’ve tailored Professional Edition specifically for the needs of small businesses by creating a simple setup wizard that will have you up and running within hours. And as your needs grow, you can easily add modules for compensation, recruiting, and collaboration.

Kawasaki Motor Corp.

Kawasaki Motor Corp.

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