SuccessFactors Business Execution solution for the Retail industry enables individual retailers to create a high-performing workforce, both at headquarters and in the stores by energizing, engaging and perfectly positioning their employees to do their best work on the right things.

As an industry-leading solution, serving more than 125 retail customers, SuccessFactors understands and helps you solve your retail industry-specific challenges.

Business Challenges:

Retailers today face significant challenges. Crushing turnover is obviously affecting store operation productivity and customer loyalty. Ongoing customer satisfaction issues are often traceable to a lack of employee engagement and poor goal execution at the individual store level. Roughly 50% of profits are being wiped out due to employee thefts. And, price and margin pressure are forcing retailers to operate more efficiently through new technology and tighter supply chains. With retailers facing such a diverse set of challenges, it's easy to see how it takes more than simply people performance or goal execution to be successful. It is the combination of both—Business Execution excellence—that ultimately drives your business success.

SuccessFactors Solution

SuccessFactors Business Execution software solution enables retailers to:

  • Align corporate strategy to individual goals from the top down—from headquarters and regional headquarters to individual stores and store employees.
  • Provide consistent and meaningful feedback to employees on how to execute their work anywhere —in HQ and individual stores.
  • Develop a pay-for-performance culture that translates to higher levels of employee engagement, retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Quickly fill talent gaps from within, reducing productivity loss and costs associated with recruiting.
  • Identify and develop key retail-specific skills and competencies needed to execute against online strategies, deliver product knowledge, and provide better customer service.

An Integrated Solution

SuccessFactors works with retail companies of all sizes.  Learn how our integrated Business Execution suite of products for the retail industry can help your organization.