SuccessFactors Business Execution software solution designed specifically for non-profit organizations will provide unmatched business results and drive your organization from good-to-great.

Business Challenges:

With often meager budgets and demanding constituents, non-profits have to do more with less. It's a feat accomplished only with the best talent—but, it's a tough market out there. Lower grants, generational shift, rigid pay structures and the occasional negative perceptions of the work make attracting the best and the brightest a formidable challenge. Our Business Execution software is the foundation for finding great talent and providing an environment in which they can excel—improving accountability and service along the way.

SuccessFactors Non-Profit Solution

SuccessFactors helps non-profit organizations maximize productivity by putting the right people in the right places and focusing them on the right things—every day—with our comprehensive Business Execution Software suite. The solution will enable your non-profit:

  • Establish clear goal alignment from the top-down, from executives to front-line employees.
  • Drive higher levels of goal execution by creating a consistent and meaningful feedback loop between managers and employees.
  • Increase employee engagement and retention through a true pay-for-performance culture that rewards talent appropriately.
  • Quickly fill talent gaps from within, reducing the costs and loss of productivity associated with recruiting.

An Integrated Solution

SuccessFactors works with non-profit organizations of all sizes. Learn how our integrated Business Execution suite of products can help yours reach its full potential.