SuccessFactors' Business Execution Software helps Life Sciences organizations achieve optimal business results by combining Business Alignment and People Performance–aligning individual goals to the corporate strategy and developing a high-performing workforce that executes on these goals every day.

SuccessFactors is an industry-leading solution with proven success in serving life sciences companies and we know how to solve your industry-specific workforce challenges.

Business Challenges:

Faced with a shrinking global talent pool for scientists, chemists, and biologists – life sciences organizations have found that attracting and retaining the best talent is getting harder every day. You have no room for error–people are the crux of your success. Every decision has implications for human lives, and the capacity to elevate or harm your firm's reputation. Making sure the right people are in the right places to make the best decisions and keeping those brilliant minds motivated over multi-year product development and trial cycles is vital to your success. Paying and promoting based on merit, while providing clear expectations is the key to employee engagement, innovation and optimal business performance.

SuccessFactors Life Sciences Solution

SuccessFactors helps medical device, pharmaceutical and other biotech firms achieve greater success with a comprehensive Business Execution suite of software. The solution enables your company to:

  • Align your corporate strategy to individual goals ensuring employees are working on the right objectives at all times.
  • Instill a pay-for-performance culture that translates to higher levels of employee engagement, motivation and retention.
  • Provide consistent and meaningful feedback to accelerate employee development for better execution on individual and corporate goals.
  • Reduce costs and productivity loss associated with recruiting by quickly filling talent gaps with internal candidates.

An Integrated Solution

SuccessFactors works with life sciences companies of all sizes. Learn how our integrated Business Execution suite of products can help your organization.