SuccessFactors business execution software solution enables high tech companies get more of the right things done at the right time, right now—and always.

We help you communicate your company objectives to everyone within the company and identify the individual roles that make it happen—basically, we help you drive your business execution. With proven success in serving more than 250 high-tech companies, SuccessFactors is industry-leading solution that will help you solve workforce challenges unique to the high-tech industry.

Business Challenges:

Innovation is the hallmark of any technology company. Without new approaches, visions, and products, technology companies simply cannot grow. Innovation has its genesis in one location: the minds of your employees. Attracting the best talent and keeping those high-performers in place while engaging and challenging them is the foundation for driving your business forward. But in a hyper-dynamic marketplace, getting and keeping the best is only half the battle. Utilizing their skill-sets as effectively as possible, and ensuring the ability to turn strategies on a dime is often the only determinant of market success—making instant organizational visibility and alignment a near necessity.

SuccessFactors Solutions

SuccessFactors is a technology company. We organically created a comprehensive, on-demand Business Execution software suite to help other technology companies get the highest possible return on their talent investment through precise business execution. Our solution will enable your company to:

  • Align your corporate strategy to individual goals and communicate it throughout the organization ensuring employees are working on the right objectives.
  • Create a pay-for-performance culture that translates to higher levels of employee engagement and ultimately higher rates of retention of your top-performers.
  • Provide a consistent and meaningful feedback loop between managers and employees with “best practices” for goal execution.
  • Quickly fill talent gaps from within, reducing the costs and productivity loss associated with recruiting.

An Integrated Solution

SuccessFactors works with high tech companies of all sizes.  Learn how our integrated suite of products can help your high tech organization.

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SuccessStory: Ericsson

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