SuccessFactors BizX Suite enables organizations in government and higher education to communicate strategies more effectively, to align individual goals, and to increase employee engagement and productivity.

BizX Suite is designed for organizations of all sizes, has a proven record of success, and comes with everything you need to solve your specific workforce challenges.

Business Challenges

With often meager budgets and demanding constituents, organizations in the government and higher education world are constantly being asked to do more with less. But it's a tough market out there—you can only accomplish this with the best talent on your team. Transparency, compliance, generational shift, rigid pay structures and the occasional negative perceptions of the sector make attracting the best and the brightest talent a formidable challenge. BizX Suite enables you to find the best talent and provides an environment in which they can excel—improving accountability and driving success.

BizX Suite for Government and Higher Education

BizX Suite helps private and public schools in higher education, local municipalities, and state and national government agencies to achieve the highest business success.

  • Ensure all employees are aligned with your organization's mission and goals.
  • Drive greater execution with meaningful feedback and keep your employees focused on the right things.
  • Motivate and retain your high-performing talent with a true pay-for-performance culture that rewards employees.
  • Quickly fill talent gaps from within, reducing the costs and productivity loss associated with recruiting.

An Integrated Solution

Whether your organization is large or small or somewhere in between, SuccessFactors has a solution that meets your needs. Learn more about how BizX Suite can help you.